Georgy Ilyich Toshinsky, Professor, Doctor of Engineering
Director General Advisor


Professor Toshinsky is the key and an internationally recognized expert in the field of modular fast reactors with lead-bismuth coolant. He is the initiator and key developer of SVBR for various applications. He carries out scientific management development of a modular fast neutron reactor with 100 MW electric capacity.

Since 1950s, he has been working at the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation – Institute for Physics and Power Engineering named after A. I. Leypunsky (IPPE) after graduating with honor from Physical Power Faculty of Moscow Power Institute.

He joined JSC AKME-engineering in 2011.

Professor Toshinsky is IPPE’s Director General Advisor and Professor at the State Obninsk Engineering University for Nuclear Power. He delivers lectures in the field of reactor physics and foundations of control for the nuclear power installations. He is a member of the IPPE’s Scientific Council, a member of the Scientific Dissertation Council of Russian Scientific Center “Kurchatov Institute”.

For his many-year efforts he received the following Government Awards:

-     The honorary title “The Honored Science and Engineering Worker of the Russian Federation”;

-     The order of “Labor Red Banner”;

-     The order of “Honor Grade”;

-     The medal of “300 years of Russian Navy”.

He was doubly awarded as “The Person of the Years” in the science nomination in Obninsk. 

The Collection of Selected Articles and Papers of Georgy I. Toshinsky and coauthors entitled “Lead-Bismuth Cooled Fast Reactors” was published by LAMBERT Academic Publishing in 2017. He is an author/coauthor of five Patents on inventions.