Corporate Goals

AKME-engineering OJSC Goals:

1. create the basic technology of 100MW civil reactor modules with lead-bismuth core coolant (SVBR-100) and develop it

2. develop typical power plant (PP) designs on the basis of SVBR-100 including the designs of modular nuclear power plants, nuclear co-generation plants (NCGP), desalination power complexes, as well as other commercial solutions according to the market demands

3. prepare packaged delivery, construction and servicing of SVBR-100 power plants including organization of manufacture of the main equipment of RU LBFR-100

4. build a nuclear power plant including the SVBR-100 pilot industrial power generating plant (PIPGP) on the site approved following the statutory procedures of the Russian Federation

5. ensure pilot operation of PIPGP for comprehensive verification of the SVBR-100 design characteristics (reliability, safety, service life parameters, and economic parameters) with the NPP operation in actual operation modes as well as carry out works related to development of the basic lead-bismuth fast reactor technology.

In future, it is envisaged to build a full value chain for nuclear plants with SVBR-100 reactor modules: from research and development to construction and operation of nuclear power plants including development of machine-building facilities, engineering and customer services.

The SVBR technology is developed by highly qualified scientists and engineers specializing in the nuclear industry employed at enterprises subordinate to SC Rosatom, which ensures adoption of the most efficient and safe technological solutions at the design development stage.