Alexander V. Dedul, Ph.D.
Deputy Director General – Chief designer


Dr. Dedul was involved into development of SVBR-100 from the early stages of the base project (over 20 years). His area of responsibility – planning and implementation of R&D, development of reactor equipment, issues related to the organization of production of the main reactor equipment.

Dr. Dedul has joined AKME-engineering team from the "Proryv" project, where he was employed as Chief designer of the design direction. This project of the State Atomic Energy Corporation «Rosatom» is focused on the development of large-scale nuclear power based on the fast neutron reactors and closed nuclear fuel cycle.

In 2000-2010 years, A.V. Dedul worked at OKB «GIDROPRESS» as deputy chief designer, directly participated in the work on the feasibility study of the SVBR-100 project, supervised the development and certification of the system of codes used in the project.

His work career, A.V. Dedul began in 1985, in the Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (IPPE), where he took part in the development of various types of reactor systems, led the department of the scientific adviser, was deputy director of the department for scientific work. In the late nineties considerable time was devoted to the development of new directions for the use of heavy liquid-metal coolants, he took an active participation in the development of spallation target complexes for accelerator-driven systems. Together with OKB "GIDROPRESS" he has developed projects of reactor facilities  "Angstrem", SVBR-10, SVBR-75 for the renovation of power units with VVER-440, as well as he participated in the development of the project SVBR-100.

A.V. Dedul graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical School named after  Bauman in the field of power machines and facilities, has the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences.


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