About the Company

AKME-engineering JSC

Full corporate name

Joint-Stock Company «AKME-engineering»

Registered on December 10th, 2009, in Moscow

AKME-engineering JSC Founders:

State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom,

JSC EuroSibEnergo,

On November 9th 2011 JSC Irkutskenergo has acquired EuroSibEnergo’s stock of share and has become cofounder of  AKME-engineering.

Stockholdings are distributed as follows:

SC «Rosatom» - 50%, Irkutskenergo JSC - 50%.

The shareholders of AKME-engineering JSC (the Company) have concluded the Shareholders’ Agreement limiting the right of disposal of the Company shares. Any shareholder may dispose of the Company shares, regardless of the method of such disposal, only subject to prior written consent of the other shareholder.

The operational activities of AKME-engineering JSC are managed by the Director General Vladimir Petrochenko acting on the basis of Articles of Association.