Land Lease Agreement for SVBR-100 Pilot Power Generating Plant has been signed



June 17, 2013 AKME-engineering has signed a lease agreement with the territorial department of the Federal Agency for State Property Management for the Ulyanovsk region. According to the agreement AKME-engineering leases the land for the construction of the Pilot Power Generating Plant with fast neutron lead-bismuth coolant power unit with generating capacity of 100 MW (PPGP with SVBR -100). The subject of the aforementioned agreement is the isolated plot of land measuring 15 hectares adjacent from the south-east side to the territory of JSC “State Scientific Center - Research Institute for Nuclear Reactors” (NIIAR) and is located in the town of Dimitrovgrad (Ulyanovsk region). Under the terms of the agreement, the life lease is equal to 10 years, the cadastral value of the land totals up to 2,479 million rubles.




Vladimir Petrochenko, Director General of AKME-engineering - “Now it can be asserted that the SVBR-100 experimental production unit has obtained its fixed boundaries placement. However, we are not considering our cooperation with the Territorial Administration of Federal Property Management Agency of the Ulyanovsk region, as well as with the administration of the area and the town of Dimitrovgrad, as a front-end. In future, we will require a site to deploy construction base, which will be used for the engineering of the facilities for the designated PPGP. I am sure that upon the commercial stage launch of the project, we will be able to streamline the land area occupied with SVBR-100 nuclear power plants.”


Viltaly Zvonkov, the Head of the Territorial Administration of the Federal Property Management Agency of Russian Federation in the Ulyanovsk Region - “According to the existing rules and regulations the 10-years term stipulated in the contract is given for the construction of experimental production unit, and the area is defined by land allocation act. When the power unit and all the infrastructure facilities will be built and registered under the project customer's ownership, we will have to conclude a new lease agreement for the same site with AKME-engineering.


Sergei Morozov, The Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region – “For the Ulyanovsk region the SVBR-100 project is obviously one of the essential points of social and economic growth of the region. In particular, the operation of the experimental production unit itself is the point of staff recruitment and training, including specialists from other regions of Russia. Accordingly, they will need to be provided adequate housing and infrastructure. In addition, within the framework of the project AKME-engineering is already taking on a commitment to build a 3 km long access road to the power unit, and two automated concrete plants. The project also implies the creation of a modern production and technical facilities for the construction of power assets. The agreement signed today gives AKME-engineering an opportunity to enter the site and move on to the stage of the physical implementation of the project. It is obvious that the company as a customer of the project is yet off to settle down a lot of matters. The Government of the Ulyanovsk region will provide maximum support possible regarding most of them.”


Company Overview:


AKME-engineering (Small Modular Reactor Nuclear Systems) is a joint public-private company, owned by the State Corporation Rosatom and the Power Coal Company Irkutskenergo (controlled by En + Group) in equal. The company was established in 2009 for the development and commercialization of nuclear power plants with Generation IV 100 MW lead-bismuth coolant fast reactors SVBR-100. The physical start-up of the SVBR-100 experimental production unit in Dimitrivgrad (Ulyanovsk region) is scheduled for the end of 2018.